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"We purchased a property as we knew we wanted to build on it eventually but had no idea how to go about getting from start to finish. TK Building Group helped us through all the preliminary stages many months ahead of us getting our building permit. Their calming personalities made it easy on us as our property was partially regulated by conservation and without their patience and help along the way, I am not sure we would have followed through. Our house turned out perfect as well – perfectly on time and under budget."

Jonathon & Megan From Keswick

"Our factory built home was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The construction time was cut down significantly and so was the cost of on site construction crews. TK Building Group even put us in touch with financing for the construction so it was nice to go through the process with someone that had experience in this aspect directly relating to factory built homes. I would highly recommend this process to anyone looking for a more cost effective (construction and financing) way of building your own home."

Scott & Nicole from Orilla

"From our very first meeting with TK Building Group, it was a pleasure. From planning and budgeting right through construction to move in day, they were very professional, honest, transparent and most importantly on budget. We did have some extra costs along the way but these were due to our own design changes and additions. Tim and Kyle went out of their way to express potential extras prior to construction even beginning to give us an idea as we were nervous for any potential surprise costs (as you hear about all the time). We would definitely recommend TK to anyone in search of a trustworthy company."

Carly & Jay from Pickering

"We were extremely happy from start to finish. Our project started in May and we were moved into our new home in just over 6 months which was ahead of schedule. Thanks Tim and Kyle for your hard work and ongoing honesty throughout the entire process."

 Joanne from Uxbridge

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